Handlist of Printed Maps of Stamford

This list was compiled by the late John Chandler in c.1970 and has not been corrected or extended since.  Additions and corrections will be gratefully received.
The aim is to include all the significant printed maps relating to the town and to comment on their usefulness.
The following conventions have been followed:

1.    Maps are arranged in date order, except where there are later printings of the same map at the same or different scale without significant alterations. These have been listed under the first appearance of the map.
2.    The first entry is that of the surveyor or the name of the person with whom the map is particularly associated.
3.    The title of the map is given in capitals if it appears on the printed version. Titles which appear in lower case describe the map.
4.    The area covered, the size of the map and the scale are indicated. The word SCALE is in capitals if the scale is marked on the map; in lower case if it has been measured.
5.    Locations of copies (c.1970) of the maps are indicated as follows:

T.H.     Town Hall (apply to Town Clerk’s Office) for both Town Clerk’s Office and Phillips Room.
S.S.G. Stamford Survey Group collections 
P.L.     Stamford Public Library.
P.    Private possession in Stamford.

No Date Title Size Scale Coverage Source Notes Owners
1 c.1610 STANFORT (altered to STANFORD from 1610) 5,6” x 4.7” (143 x 119 mm) IN PACES 200 paces 1.3” (33mm, i.e. 1 mile 6.7”) Covers the walled town and St. Martin’s   SPEED, John - a town plan inset on SPEED’S map of RUTLANDSHIRE Note:               Initially issued on its own some time between 1605 - 1610, several imprints of this map were printed up to 1743 in ‘the Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain’, etc. The town plan was also printed by F. Peck(1727) and by subsequent authors in their various histories of Stamford: the title was altered to STAMF0RD, and other minor amendments were made. From the late nineteenth century, both the county map and the town plan have been frequently reproduced, sometimes with considerable inaccuracies or modifications.
Kelly’s Directory (1876) reproduces Humbell’s issue of 1623 accurately, but the issue of 1920 has been retouched and is inaccurate.
T.H.; P.


1a 1727 Mr. Speed’ s Draught of Stamford taken about the year 1600 / STANFORD Very slightly reduced in size; same SCALE. Same alterations.   PECK, Francis: - in Antiquarian Annals of Stamford see SPEED for details T.H.; P.
1b 1785 SPEED’s Map of STAMFORD taken in 1600, enlarged; with the modern names of Streets & Buildings 8.3” x 7.2” (211 x 183 mm); 100 yards = inch (1 mile = 9.6”)   HARROD, William Published December 1 1785, in Antiquities of Stamford & St. Martin’s 1785 see SPEED for details Contains additional information. T.H.; P
2 1810 : Mr. Oddy’s Plan of the INTENDED STAMFORD JUNCTION Navigation to connect the Ports of Boston, Wisbech & Lynn; & the Eastern with the Midland Western C0UNTIES OF THE KINGDOM. 12.5” x 9.6” (317 242mm) 30 miles = 1.7”   Published 27 January 1810 by J. J. Stockdale, Pall Mall. A small scale map of Central England, Liverpool/Hull; Bristol/Chatham:). T.H.; P.
3 1824 [Ordnance Survey] 35” x 23” approx One Inch = 1 mile   Sheet LXIV Published at the Tower of London, March 1824. Various later imprints 1824
Issued c.1840 (with adjacent sheet numbers in margin)
c.1852 (with railways)
c.1862 (with latitude & longitude, & some additions, e.g. the Infirmary);
c.1866 (Ramsey Branch Railway inserted);
c.1876 (with spot heights inserted).
Note:the David & Charles reprint (sheet 44) is taken from the last of these.
T.H.; P.
3a 1828 Map of the County of Lincoln, from an actual survey by A. BRYANT   1” = 1 mile   April 19th, 1828 In eight sections, each 24” x 18”.

1832 STAMFORD from the Ordnance Survey 12” x 10” (no border) 2 inches to a mile A map which covers an area of about five miles round from Stamford (Tinwell to Uffington, Woothorpe (sic) to Little Casterton). DAYSON, Robert K First issued apparently in the Report of the Commissioners on ... proposed ... Boundaries of Boroughs (August 1831), printed 1832
Later re-issued in Plans... Boroughs ... showing their boundaries as established by the Boundaries Act, passed 11 July 1832 (1 vol. 1832).
TH. P.
5 1834 Plan of the BOROUGH OF STAMF0RD AND St. Martin’s Stamford Baron in which is delineated the Boundary of Parishes, divisions of Property & etc. from an ACTUAL SURVEY IN THE YEAR 1833 by James A. KNIPE. Size: 27” x 20” 2 furlongs = 5”; 1 mile = 20”. Covers all the built-up area and part of surrounding fields   This is a splendid and accurate town survey.
A reduced reproduction of this appears in Rogers (1970) and in S.S.G. Report 2 (1974).
6 1835 Lewis: Stamford 3.4” x 4.5” (86 x 113 mm) Given as
1 mile = 1 inch
Borough boundary and Burghley Park LEWIS’ Topographical Dictionary Small map.  Part of a group of four such plans, the others being Lincoln, Grantham and Great Grimsby. The plan was drawn by R. Creighton (it is sometimes known as CREIGHTON) and. engraved by J. and. C. Walker. It was published in the Supplementary Volume (1835) to LEWIS’ Topographical Dictionary P.
7 1836 DUNN         No copy of this map has been traced. It is referred to in other literature, thus: Burton, Chronology of Stamford (1846) p.258: “St. George’s Fields - these fields were stated in Mr. Dunn’s plan, in 1836, to be ....“ G.H. Burton, Old. Lincolnshire (18835), pp. 114-5: “on Dunn’s map published in 1836 ....“ It would seem that this map was a printed one.  
8 c.1837 STAMFORD from the Ordnance Survey
Two maps of Stamford on one sheet
Approx. 10.5” x 13” 1st map: “1 inch to a mile”; 2nd map is “4 inches to a mile”. One showing the area of the old Municipal Borough, the other showing the proposed new Borough. DAWSON, R. K Issued in PLANS OF THE MUNICIPAL BOROUGHS (altexnative title Municipal Boroughs, England and Wales, Plans,1837).
9 1839 DEWHIRST and NICHOLS: MAP OP THE BOROUGH OF STAMFORD. 28.7” x 21.9” 40 chains = 5” (1 mile = 10 inches). The area covered by this map includes the whole of the town fields Published by Dewhirst and Nichols, August 1839, and issued on its own. A map of parish boundaries based on this appears in Stamford Survey Group Report 2 (1974).
10 1852 Hurst, W: Limit of Deviation, Stamford and Essendine Railway Folio 1 mile = 16”. Stamford to Belmisthorpe - there is a detail of a strip on either side of the limit of deviation. Surveyed and lithographed by W. Hurst. Note:there is a continuation map showing the d.etaij. from Belmisthorpe to Essendine. Issued in ‘The Stamford and Essendine RAILWAY and WORKS for the Improvement of the River Welland at STAMFORD’.
11 1852 HURST, W. (Works for the improvement of the R. Welland) Folio 1 mile = 16”. Strip on either side of R. Welland from the Town Bridge to R. Gwash   Issued in the same work as No. 10.
12 c.1864 THOMPSON, PHILLIPS & THOMPSON: S.&E. RAILWAY, Sibson Extension, Working Plan Sheets 1-8 4” x 10”. 1 mile = 26”. Strip of about 70 yards on either side of the limits of deviations Stamford to Sibson   Issued in Stamford and Essendine Railway, Sibson Extension Plan, by Thompson, Phillips & Thompson.
13 1870 ORDNANCE SURVEY : Geological Survey   1 inch to the mile     Survey made 1876 and later It includes the topographical detail of the 1824 Edition (Item No.3)  
14 1871 STAMFORD INCLOSURE: BRITTAN, J. Senior 27”x18.7” (686x746mm). 20 chains 6½” (26” = 1 mile). Plan showing The Meadows from Broadeng Bridge to Stamford Bridge; the area between North St. and New Cross Rd., Cliff Rd., and Recreation Ground Rd.   (PLAN SHOWING THE LAND TO BE PURCHASED FOR THE FREEMEN INSTEAD OF AN ALLOTMENT AND THE SITE OF THE PROPOSED RECREATION GROUND) T.H.
15 1875 BIDWELL, Charles: INCLOSURE … RUTLAND 44.75” x 27.5” 6 chains = 1 inch He borough boundaries and the open area immediately around.   The town centre empty. Issued with The Stamford Enclosure Award. September 1875. From a new survey. Note: this is probably the map referred to inaccurately by G. H. Burton, in Old. Lincolnshire, pp. 114-5, “Maps by Knipe(1833), Thinn, and Bidwell(1880)”.  
16 1879 NEVINSON, C:STAMFORD IN 1600 BUT WITH MODERN NAMES TO STREETS 9.3” x 7.5”. Q mile = 11.1”   Issued in C. Nevinson, History of Stamford, 1879 This is an enlarged redrawing of Speed’s map of the area of the walled town. T.H.; P.
17 1886 ORDNANCE SURVEY Town Plan of Stamford Each sheet 37.9” x 25.2”. 1.500 (10.56 feet to 1 mile) 19 sheets covering the whole of the built-up area of the town     T.H.; P.
18 1887 ORDNANCE SURVEY Twenty five inch, first edition 38” x 25.3” 1:2500     Stamford north of the river appears on five of the Lincolnshire sheets
150/4   (northern fields; Williamson Cliffe Brick Works);
150/8   (the town west from Drill Hall and Rock House);
150/12 (Broadeng Meadows);
151/1   (North fields);
151/5   (Centre and east of town, including St. Martin’s).
Surveyed 1884-6
Later editions: 1901-3; 1932
19 1889 0RDNANCE SURVEY: Six Inch Each sheet 18” x 12”. 1:10560 Six inches to mile.   Surveyed 1884-5 LX (150)NE  The town west of Drill Hall
LX (150)SE  Broadeng Meadow [very small area only]
LXI (151)NW Centre and east of Town & Stamford Baron For later editions, see 1901-3; 1932
20 1891 ORDNANCE SURVEY One inch, revised. (Sheet 157). 18” x 12”. 1 inch to 1 mile Between Whissendine – Baston, Stockerstone - Water Newton Surveyed 1883-6 This map was re-issued. in 1895, with “Railways inserted to 1895”. See also 1901  
21 1904 LOFTIE, Revd. W.J STAMFORD 164 x 236mm 12” = 1 mile Covers Scotgate-Brazenose Lane; Northfields-Pinfold Lane(St Martin’s).   Issued twice in a 3—part article in The Architectural Review vol. XV Jan. 1904 & March 1904 T.H.