Hearth Tax Return for St Martin's, Stamford - 31st July 1663

THE HEARTH TAX RETURN FOR THE LIBERTY OF NASSABURGH, FOR 31st JULY, 1663       [Stamford St Martin's section only in this extract]
A note by Tim Halliday of Peterborough.  Stamford Survey Group wish to thank him for permission to reproduce the Stamford section of these returns.


This is the earliest hearth tax return surviving for any part of Northamptonshire and is now to be found in the Public Record Office under reference PRO/E179/254/12.  The date of the Return is a little misleading in that the regnal year is stated on the first membrane to be 4 Charles II, whereas it was made in the fourth year of the King's return to England, namely 1663, being more correctly 12 Charles II.  The manuscript consists of twelve rotulets stitched together at the head and the title given above is intended literally, since it covers the whole of Nassaburgh but no other hundreds of Northamptonshire.  The manuscript is in very good condition throughout.
The Return is divided into separate sections for each ward of the City of Peterborough and each vill or hamlet outside the urban area of the City.  At the end of each such section, the manuscript provides a total, which refers to the number of hearths therein.   The totals of entries provided in italics at the end of each section have been added to the transcript so as to show the number of buildings assessed in each such ward, vill or hamlet.
The entries for Peterborough and its hamlets, including Eye, are grouped together in an orderly manner, then Paston and its hamlets, followed by Glinton and Peakirk (which two ecclesiastical parishes form one manor) but thereafter the entries follow an itinerary passing backwards and forwards across the northern part of the Liberty, hamlets often appearing before their mother villages or quite apart from them, before the itinerary reaches Stamford St Martin's, after which it progresses south through the western parishes to Wansford, then east through the hamlets of Castor before terminating with Castor itself.           
T M H, 1986
 [Mem 10]
St.Martin's Stamford Baron              Fyer Harths
The Right Honnble the
Earle of Exeter                                                  64
Mr.Edward Death Esqr                                    8
Richard Coney Esqr                                         10
Mr.John Newman                                             7
Michell Willson Clerke                                      6
Mis.Ann Meeres                                               29
Mr.Henry Warringe                                          5
Mr.John Chapman                                            4
Thomas Kelleburow                                         5
Miles Hodgson                                                 9
Richard Garnet                                                 2
Ann Litchfeild                                                   7
John Jenkes [or Jeukes ?]                                2
John Johnson                                                    1
Edward Lofe[?]                                                1
Thomas Thompson                                           1
John Bellowes                                                  2
William Bothomley                                            3
William Warrin                                                 3
William Tenbie                                                  3
Alice Harrison                                                  9
Frances Relfe widdow                                      3
John Billings                                                      1
Michaell Cumings                                             2
Mary Hibbins                                                   4
Sarah Cumings widdow                                    2
Henry Spereinge                                               3
Thomas Freeman Maltster                                4
and for the house lately Masons                        2
Roger Pollard                                                   2
Thomas Burnbie                                               2
William Toppar[?]                                            2
Mr.John Todd                                                  2
John Holland                                                    3
Thomas Johnson                                               2
Mr.John Miller junior                                        2
Anthony Gray                                                   1
Michael Booth                                                  1
Richard Gregory                                               2
Thomas Bishoppe                                             1
William Knight                                                  3
Thomas Litchfeild                                             2
Henry Draper                                                   3
Robert Henson                                                 2
Richard Booth                                                  1
Samuell Hardey[?]                                            1
Thomas Freeman Tanner                                  3
Thomas Towell                                                 3
William Pavie                                                    2
Peter Rudkin                                                    2
William Laxon                                                  4
John Draper                                                     2
Robert Smith                                                    3
Christopher Relph                                             3
Peter Stokes                                                     3
Benjamin Hunt                                                  4
Richard Harrison                                              4
Thomas Knight                                                 3
Mis.Ann Draper                                               1
John Batchelor                                                  1
Thomas Fowler                                                4
Robert Carnacke [?]                                        6
John Day                                                          2
Joseph Henson                                                 1
John Miller Senior                                             1         
Widdow Grimball                                             1
Mathew Miller                                                  1
Susanna Draper                                                3
Richard Manton                                                2
William Marston                                               3
Mary Wicklife widdow                                     6
Thomas Bellomy                                               4
Mr.Thomas Schogetene [?]                              4
[Total entries : 73 taxpayers]
[Total number of hearths:]               310