Bridge in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Stamford seen from the meadows

Detail from the Stamford Historian

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HANDLIST of PRINTED MAPS, STAMFORD. This list was compiled by the late John Chandler in c.1970 and has not been corrected or extended since. Additions and corrections will be gratefully received. The aim is to include all the significant printed maps relating to the town and to comment on their usefulness. The following conventions have been followed: 1. Maps are arranged in date order, except where there are later printings of the same map at the same or different scale without significant alterations. These have been listed under the first appearance of the map. 2. The first entry is that of the surveyor or the name of the person with whom the map is particularly associated. 3. The title of the map is given in capitals if it appears on the printed version. Titles which appear in lower case describe the map. 4. The area covered, the size of the map and the scale are indicated. The word SCALE is in capitals if the scale is marked on the map; in lower case if it has been measured. 5. Locations of copies (c.1970) of the maps are indicated as follows: T.H. Town Hall (apply to Town Clerk’s Office) for both Town Clerk’s Office and Phillips Room. S.S.G. Stamford Survey Group collections P.L. Stamford Public Library. P. Private possession in Stamford.

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