Belgian Refugees in Stamford

This paper was prepared by Jean Orpin as part of the research carried out for the Stamford commemoration of the start of World war I in August 1914.

The Wardens: Managing Late Medieval Hospital

This volume, which has been produced by Professor Alan Rogers,has been published following a generous grant from the Lincoln Record Society. The Wardens provides an edition of an account book for Browne's Hospital, Stamford, now in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, with an extensive introduction. Four successive wardens are followed as they seek to manage the Hospital and its estates for 22 years.

Stamford and Magna Carta

The text of Dr Henry Summerson's April 2015 lecture on his book, Stamford and Magna Carta​, is reproduced here for those members who were unable to attend.

Stamford Boys of 1911


“Stamford Boys - Remembering those who lived in the Great War, a booklet listing the 450 boys, their addresses and dates."

Available on request from stamfordboys.editor@gmail.com  (£3 incl p & p).

Stamford Poor Law Union

This article was written by the late Dr Stella Henriques, and first published in the Stamford Historian in February 1979. As a source for the article, Dr Henriques made extensive use of the files of the Stamford Mercury, which at that time were little used by local historians. In a brief introduction, Mr William Kirkwood puts the Stamford workhouse into context. The workhouse described here lasted some 65 years until, in 1899, the Guardians took the decision to build a new workhouse on the Bourne Road (now Ryhall Road); this new building was completed in 1902 and accommodated 175 inmates.

People and Property In Medieval Stamford

Edited by Alan Rogers
ISBN: 978-1-84549-548-0
This volume, published by abramis on behalf of the Stamford Survey Group, is the third to appear in a series designed to put texts relating to the history of the town into the public domain to encourage the study of the past of this town.

St. Cuthbert's Fee in Stamford

This paper was written for the Stamford Historian by the late Dr E C Till.  For this paper, the author has drawn on much original material in a attempt to remove some of the mysteries surrounding this obscure manorial court.

The Cecil's Monopoly of Milling in Stamford 1561-1640

In this article (first published in the Stamford Historian in 1982) Dr. D. L. Thomas examines the Cecil monopoly on milling in Stamford during the late 16th and early 17th centuries; and looks at the disputes between the townspeople, the Cecil family and other millers in the area.

Death By Misadventure: Coroners' Inquests 1700-1850 - Part 1

This is a slightly modified version of the original article which appeared in Vol 2 of the Stamford Historian, published in 1978.  In addition to the appendix below, published with the original article, further examples of the contents of Coroners’ Files will be added elsewhere on this website.