Bridge in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Stamford seen from the meadows

Detail from the Stamford Historian

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SSG Publications

Since its foundation in the 1960s, the Stamford Survey Group has published a number of reports, books and articles based on research carried out by group members. A number of the group’s members have also independently published books on Stamford, some of which are based on archive material held by the group. Both the group’s publications, and those of members, are listed below.

Stamford Survey Group Publications

The Medieval Buildings of Stamford, Stamford Survey Group Report 1, by Alan Rogers, 1970, published by Nottingham University
The Religious Foundations of Medieval Stamford, Stamford Survey Group Report 2 by John S Hartley & Alan Rogers, 1974, published by Nottingham University
The Stamford Historian, various contributors, 6 volumes 1977-1982, published by Nottingham University
Academia Tertia Anglicana, or the Antiquarian Annals of Stanford by Francis Peck with a new Introduction by A Rogers and J S Hartley. Originally printed London 1727, Republished by E P Publishing, East Ardsley, Wakefield, 1979 with Index by the Stamford Survey Group
Class and Occupation in Stamford in 1851, various contributors, 1980, published by Leicester University
William Browne’s Town, The Stamford Hall Book Volume 1: 1465-1492, Alan Rogers (ed) 2005, pub: Spiegl Press
The Act Book of St Katherine’s Gild, Stamford, 1480-1534, Alan Rogers (ed), pub: Stamford Survey Group

Publications by Survey Group members

Stamford and the Civil War, Christopher Davies, 1992, pub: Paul Watkins
Stamford Past, Christopher Davies, 2002, pub: Phillimore
Stamford Through Time, Christopher Davies, 2010, pub: Amberley Publishing
Stamford in Lincolnshire, A Collection of Early Photographs, Chris Hunt, undated, Pub: Spiegl press
Pick of Stamford, Michael Key, 1994, pub: Paul Watkins
The Stamford Volunteer Rifle Corps, by David Nalson, 2008, pub: Stamford Museum
The Book of Stamford, Alan Rogers, 1983 Buckingham (Barracuda Books) reprinted in 2001 by Spiegl Press
The Making of Stamford, Alan Rogers (ed) 1965, pub: Leicester University Press


David Marcombe, Some Patterns of Suburban Deviance: Reported Crime in St Martin’s Stamford, 1810-1820 in Bulletin of Local History, East Midlands, XX 1985

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