Bridge in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Stamford seen from the meadows

Detail from the Stamford Historian

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The following communication regarding an error in the book Noble Merchant has been received from Professor Alan Rogers.
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Update: 17 September 2012 This note falls into two parts: a) emendations and additional notes to the published text and b) further unpublished title deeds as and when they are located. It will be updated from time to time and the date of the last update will be recorded as above. Burghley House Archives: Items 778-907 pp 359-375 We have been asked to add to the agreed statement on page 359: 'Burghley House Preservation Trust point out that all material from the Burghley House Archives remain the copyright of the Burghley House Preservation Trust, and that the list printed here is a draft list, subject to amendment; and the call numbers are all provisional until archiving work is complete'. We are pleased to make this addition and once again record our gratitude to the Burghley House Preservation Tust and to the staff engaged on the listing and cataloguing for permission to include this interim list in the catalogue to make the work more complete. Alan Rogers. 10 November 2013 These deeds have not been indexed since they are searchable.
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Details of the latest volume published by abramis on behalf of the Stamford Survey Group

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