Bridge in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Stamford seen from the meadows

Detail from the Stamford Historian

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Noble Merchant by Alan Rogers

Fri, 02/14/2014 - 10:38 -- Chris Davies
The following communication regarding an error in the book Noble Merchant has been received from Professor Alan Rogers.

 In my book 'Noble Merchant': William Browne (c1410 - 1489) and Stamford in the fifteenth century, I published a photograph ostensibly of Stamford castle, c1900; it was taken from a print now in the collection of the Stamford Survey Group made from a glass negative belonging to Henry Traylen and now in the Town Hall. The print showed a remarkable high structure, not otherwise known. But it was faulty for two reasons:
a) the print had been reversed from negative; it was taken from the grain tower near the railway station and looked across the meadows.
b) what I took to be the castle mound turns out to be a blemish on the negative and is in the wrong location for the castle.

The photograph below, taken about 1855 by the Revd. Law (Stamford Museum collection) shows the castle mound as much lower at that time. Again the negative is marred with a number of blemishes.

The height of the castle in the fifteenth century is not known. The castle was certainly still in use then for courts and offices although its defences had been dismantled.

I apologise for the error.

Alan Rogers
10 February 2014


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