Stamford Boys of 1911

Jean Orpin

Jean Orpin is planning a small research project based on the 1911 census.

We go to Remembrance Day services and say 'We will remember them' but do we know who to remember?

We are going to try to find out more about our Stamford men who served in World War One. Where did they grow up? What did they do for a living? Which school did they go to? Which regiment did they join? Can we find family members still in Stamford today? This will be a 'kitchen table' session. We will meet at my house. Skills will be brought to the table. Those of you with computer skills will use the internet resources and ancestry sites. Others may like to go out and about and research the war memorials or visit the library to access the museum records. Hopefully Sue and i will be able to put together a folder of information which will be displayed at our exhibition on WWI, and also be a valuable resource of information for future historians.

Please contact Jean Orpin or Sue Lee at 1 St Peter's Street, Stamford PE9 2PQ or by e-mail at jean.orpin@hotmail.com if you would like to join the group.